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Why Open an Online Store?

Opening an online store is like having a new branch or a new store. You will have another avenue where you can sell your products or services. It is better than brick and mortar stores because it is not limited by your operating hours or destination. Your customers can buy from you from anywhere in the world at any convenient time. With the onset of technology, more and more people would prefer to buy online.

We envision that online stores will soon catch up with physical stores in terms of market share. Now is a good time to start working on your own online store. Do not wait until your competitors get ahead of the game. Begin building your online customer base now.

Benefits of Opening an Online Store

Here is a short summary of the benefits of having your own online store:

  • Attractive Product Catalogue
  • Beautiful Product Images
  • Clear and Consistent Order Processing System
  • Fast, easy and secure payment process
  • Marketing Tools
  • Reliable Shipping Module
  • Clear and On Time Customer Notifications
  • Analytics
  • Accurate Report System
  • Mobile and tablet friendly websites
  • Optimized Social Media Profiles
  • Provide Relevant Content

Automated Order Processing

With an online store, the following is automated:

  1. Customer places order on website.
  2. Customer may choose to pay via Paypal, credit card or any manual payment method.
  3. She will receive an email confirmation with details on how to pay order if she chose manual payment method.
  4. She will send proof of payment if she chose manual payment method.
  5. Once payment is verified, you may now ship the order.
  6. The system will automatically update inventory based on paid orders.
  7. You may email customer to ask for feedback once she receives the order.

Making the order processing automated will eliminate unnecessary errors and delayed customer responses. It will give you more time to work on expanding our business.

Organized and Beautiful Product Catalogue

Your customers will no longer need to browse thru your Facebook photos to see all your products. With your online store, you can organize your products under different categories and subcategories. This will help your customers find the products they want easier and faster. You may use product sliders, banners, image zoom and even videos to display your products. You can also add product description, reviews, product options and FAQ to make it easy for your customers to decide to buy.

Fast, Easy and Secure Payment Processing

With a well designed online store, your customers will not be afraid to send payment for your products. Once they place their orders, they will automatically see the available payment options. Paypal and credit card payment methods automatically send payment verification emails. If they choose to pay via bank transfer, GCash, remittance or checque, they only need to send proof of payment to proceed with purchase.

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We have seen even small businesses take off after opening an online store. It is always wise to stay ahead of competition. Do let us know if you need help in setting up your online store.

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