Happy birthday, Ethan!

To my beloved Kuya Ethan,
You hate it when I fondly call you Botchog. But to me, that is somehow an achievement – to see you very healthy today. At first, the OB said you may not survive. So we cried a lot when we first heard your heartbeat. I had to be on bed rest for 4 months so we can make sure of your safety. We are all very happy when you were finally born. You are the firstborn in the Yu and Paungan family. You are the first son, first grandson and first nephew. You are also among the first few babies of our CAFÉ family.:) Maybe, that explains why you receive so many gifts during birthday’s and Christmas’es. 🙂
For 3 years, you are already a Kuya to Shoti. Sometimes, I noticed that you are jealous of the attention I give to Shoti. Please know that we love you equally. I sometimes spend more time with Shoti only because he is younger and he needs more assistance.

We love you very very much!

Over the years, I have always been so proud of you and here are a few reasons why:
You think differently. Many say you are more mature than your age. My previous boss would always say you have that distinct look, you seem to be very interested in everything that you see. Once when I said sorry to you, you told me I should let go of that just like an eraser wipes out the pencil traces.
You love Math just like me and Daddy Sebs. I treasured the time I spent coaching you for MTAP. It was like I helped unlock a great potential in you. Just always remember that medals and awards are like icing on a cupcake. They look good and they make the cupcake taste better. But with or without them, we love you just the same. What is most important is your attitude in your studies and in how you face wins and losses.
You are a great kuya. I know it is difficult not to fight back when Shoti hits you. But you love Shoti and you always make good efforts to teach him and play with him.
You are learning more and more of God. Thank you for obeying us when we tell you to read your Bible. Thank you for honoring us as your parents. I know you are giving it your best. I feel so proud when your teachers tell me how disciplined you are. You obey us even when we are not around.
We love you very much, my kuya Ethan! 🙂 Happy birthday, anak! 🙂 I hope you enjoy your swimming party. 🙂